Badminton is a highly technical, mental and physical game, perfect for adult play.

This it can be stressful for young players to play adult strokes on a large, high net court.

Also, in some countries, there is not enough hall space for a school class to play and have fun together.

So, taking in account both problematic situations, the best solution is to play Mini Badminton on reduced size courts where juniors can do the same footwork and shots as adults. Also the net height is reduced to enable juniors to smash, drive and drop same as adults.

discipline           court length       court width      net height 

badminton            13.40m               6.10m            1.55m

mini badminton       8.00m               4.00m            1.40m


This is a good solution for court size for juniors but there are some other problems concerning the equipment such as shuttlecock, racket and court lines.

Shuttlecock: a normal shuttlecock which normally travels the distance of 13.40m would be too fast for a mini court of only 8m in length!

To surpass this problem we introduce the Ezyshuttle Wide 5 which is same weight about 5g but travels less distance due to it's new structure.

Rackets: a normal badminton racket of about 67cm would be too long for doubles players to play easy. There are on sale shorter rackets 52-58cm but these, like badminton rackets in general, are structurely fragile in the hands of juniors.

Therefore, we have introduced our Mini rackets; unique rackets of about 48 - 53cm in length which avoids structure failure/string breakages and is ideal for doubles play on a mini court.

Court lines: as we think mini badminton should be FUN, ECONOMICAL and PRACTICAL, typical centre lines are eliminated leaving only a court perimeter which is 4 m.sq. For practical reasons and in the introductory of mini badminton, we use throw-down angle markers which are non-slip and thin high. In this case, injuries can be avoided, court sizes can be modified and there is no floor damage. Of course, paint lines can be used as a better solution.

Please note, even if there are halls with sufficient space to put adult courts, we insist on mini courts for juniors play.

It's logical that when juniors become good players and older, they will automatically convert to adult courts and equipment.