Welcome to our OUTDOOR BADMINTON website

It's very clear Badminton has always been destined to be an Indoor sport due to it's nature of 
having a light ball such as a shuttlecock weighing about 5g and even so, playing in an AC or
draughty hall, can cause problems during tournaments!!
In fact, after it's invention playing outdoors, modifications were made to make the original
shuttlecock heavier with leather which caused other problems like racket gut string breakages
and shots going too long. Courts were lengthened, shuttlecock became ball shaped, rackets
because sturdier giving rise to a new sport 'TENNIS'. So, playing badminton outdoors was
literally abandoned to the professional game in halls.

We still see courageous players playing at seasides, camping sites and recreation areas including
gardens and without total wind it's the finest experience a player can have but it's not possible
to the majority as just a small breeze can ruin any shot and satisfaction in playing.

Different VISIONS of proposing OUTDOOR BADMINTON

With the increase in Beach sports and entry into Olympics and World tournaments, many 
organisations including the BWF (Badminton World Federation) are trying to find solutions to
promote their games for OUTDOOR play.
In 2019 BWF promoted AirBadminton as a solution.

To use mini courts and probably a heavier shuttlecock is going in the right direction but modestly,
this does not resolve WIND VARIATIONS DURING PLAY. We all talk about playing in wind but wind
is a constant variable: you can start using a slightly heavier shuttlecock with a light breeze but
if that breeze decreases or increases you need to modify the shuttlecock weight. We mention
increasing the shuttlecock weight to increase stability: if breeze decrease that ball flies too
long, if wind increases the shuttlecock needs to be heavier!!!!

Tackling OUTDOOR BADMINTON is a serious situation needing serious solutions!!!
Our VISION and solutions are radical if we want to export badminton to everyone, from 6 - 99 ages.

That means, we modify rackets, shuttlecocks, rules and courts but without eliminating the basics.


Our company has worked on a project to understand 2 main fundamental problems:
main problem is WIND VARIATION
main problems are juniors need smaller courts; classes need space for all to play.

The latter with be discussed fully but we found both problems were connected and our results could
be used directly to both.