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How our Ezyshuttle Project started

The 'Ezyshuttle' multifunctional shuttlecock has no characteristic like any other shuttlecock that is specific for junior or outdoor play. Junior (mini badminton) and outdoor play (beach badminton) is equally important for Badminton but not seriously taken in consideration.
Our mission was to: a) help juniors (6-11 years) to approach badminton in a safer and easier manner without stress.... b) reach the best compromise against windy conditions to play outdoors.
Our studies resulted that the only satisfactory way was to use mini courts for both a) and b) using new rules and equipment.
Our ideal court measurements became width 4m length 8m net height 1.4m
Indeed, to some, these measurements seem too reduced but it helps make all students play in school small spaces and kill sufficient windy conditions in outdoor play.
To do all this we produced a multifunctional shuttlecock that not only travelled less distances like 8m and  easily modified for standard courts 13.40m but having different weights for outdoor conditions.

Our approach was also to introduce non breakable shorter rackets, self-supporting nets and portable court markers.
Our results have been validated by a badminton federation with it's introduction into schools.
We also produce a portable beach badminton court in a shoulder bag so anyone can enjoy the sport ANYWHERE, ANYTIME...
In this group we will discuss more fully the project and results hoping to reply to any queries.

A typical MIX TUBE with all weight variants

Let's talk about our multifunctional shuttlecock and we can start with a typical MIX TUBE which contains, in this case, 7 variables due to the many different atmospheric conditions that can occur including mini to regular court sizes.

Our first picture shows the contents of a typical MIX TUBE (left to right):

W5 > this shuttle weighs 5g like a typical medium speed shuttle but due to it's wider skirt, it travels shorter distances and so ideal for mini courts. It's head is cork based and used for hall play.
W7 > this shuttle weighs 7g and is liked for fast competition hall play but was developed mainly for OUTDOOR play where there could a slight air speed variable.
W7 + ring > this shuttle weighs 9g when a ring is attached creating it more stable and heavier for an increased air speed variable for OUTDOOR play
W7 led light > this shuttle, which can weigh based on your decision 8g (10g with ring), has a brilliant led light component inside. It is a switch on/off system and, if used correctly, can last > 72hrs. The technology is high-tec because the led light illuminates also the complex plastic shuttle structure for a unique experience. (these products are covered by patents)
W11 > this shuttle weighs 11g and is used when there is a definite light breeze. It's possible also to increase using a ring to increase the weight to 13g but please note the shuttle will travel longer distances.

As you see, the contents of a MIX TUBE can help you in nearly all variable conditions to play whether in a hall or outdoors but our solution helps in very difficult situations when you organise a beach badminton tournament or even meet friends. Badminton should be fun and enjoyable but not a torture due to a light breeze.

The MIX TUBE we showed is one of many and can be tailor ordered to your needs.

Why is EZYSHUTTLE different to other shuttles?

We stated our project some 5 years ago which means we spent a lot of time developing a product for a problem in badminton.

There were two problems which we felt fundamental and not seriously acknowledged with a simple conclusion that they connected closely and we were able to give one solution....2 problems > 1 solution.

Let's summarize the 2 problems:


Firstly, in many countries junior schools have small halls or limited space; indeed, some halls don't exist and junior play outdoors.

Also to make a junior 6-11years to play on an adult court is stressful for their psychomotor attitudes. Also this leads to a reduction on junior's ability to improve their play, could cause illness and change to a less stressful sport.


The problem of strong wind cannot be solved without drammatically changing the game of badminton substituting the shuttlecock. 

We can only arrive at a compromise with a versatile shuttlecock that can satisfy different air speed (wind) variants.


Our project now approved by a badminton federation for junior schools and in future outdoor play, is based on mini courts. Instead of taking juniors to play on adult courts, we take badminton to junior's physical and mental capabilities.

At the same time, mini courts need reduced hall space helping to play a complete school class where with adult courts impossible and for outdoor play reduce area of wind by about 40%.

ADULT COURT : 13.4m long x 6.1m wide (area 81.74m.sq)

MINI COURT : junior in hall 8m long x 4m wide (area 32m. sq)

Outdoor junior court 8m long x 4 m wide (area 32m. sq)

Outdoor adult court 11m long x 6m wide (area 66m. sq)

The problem of helping juniors with stress, insufficient hall space and reduction of wind variables has been improved but we need to solve the problems of traditional accessories like rackets, shuttlecocks, nets and lines. Our title asks 'Why is EZYSHUTTLE different from other shuttles?'..so we will answer this now.

Why is EZYSHUTTLE different from other shuttles?'

The ezyshuttle WIDE span shuttle was invented to not only satisfy mini courts but to be multifunctional at the same time.

Why multifunctional?

  • firstly economical and long resistance (must be synthetic and not animal feather)
  • best visibility in hall and otdoors (we use neon yellow nylon skirt)
  • must travel less distances due to shorter length court (8m instead of 13.4m)
  • must be more stable in wind conditions (it has a through hole in it's head to allow airflow and producing a spiral vortice stabilizing the skirt)
  • must be easily modified for weight (a mix tube can have up to 5 weight variants with 2 shuttles easily modified on the spot)
  • can be used for night play (this version has a led light which not only gives a brilliant light but lights up the shuttle skirt for fantastic visibility. Red or green light available. It is a unique switch on/off system and can last up till 25hrs)

Our wide EZYSHUTTLE is the best compromise for junior and outdoor play recognised by a Badminton Federation for use in schools whether with large halls or no halls.

Our project also include our portable badminton court, new concept indestructible racket, self-supporting nets, line markers and more to be discussed soon.